Pl@ntNet is a non-profit research and educational initiative.
We do our best to keep Pl@ntNet applications free, accessible to all and without advertising. Unfortunately, we do not have the means to finance by ourselves an infrastructure that could support too high volumes of API requests by third party applications. We therefore ask our API users to contribute to the financing of this infrastructure in proportion to the volume of use.
To date, this participation has amounted to:

  • 3 euros per 1000 identification queries

However, the use of the API is free of charge up to 50 identification requests per day or for specific scientific and educational purposes.
To benefit from this free access, simply create an account and follow the procedure described on the "How to?" page, without any obligation. Your access key will simply be limited to 50 requests per day (for scientific and educational purposes, please contact us).

To benefit from more requests and access the paid version of the API, you will need to sign a user agreement. To do so, please contact us.